Security Warning [July 28 2006]

If you are here because you have noticed an extension called "Numbered Links 0.9" in your Firefox which you did not install, please read this.

Malware authors have written a Firefox extension to steal sensitive information and spoofed its name to look like numberedlinks. Downloads from this website should not have been affected, but you can still see the above page on how to ensure you are running the real version.

What is numberedlinks?

Numberedlinks allows web navigation via unique numbers next to links, buttons, and other elements. This makes it possible to browse the web without a mouse, especially together with mozless or other keybinding extensions.

Screenshot of numberedlinks in action.


numberedlinks 0.9 [May 15 2006]

Download numberedlinks 0.9 now! Read the release notes.


How does it work?

Each page element has a number at the front. Simply type the desired number and press:


To toggle numbered links in the current tab, press Alt+L.

To globally disable numbered links, go to "Tools | Extensions | Numbered Links | Disable" and restart Firefox.

Similar software

Numberedlinks was originally developed by Shawn Betts, who now works on conkeror, a keyboard-driven browser with built in numbered links functionality.

The lynx family of web browsers has a numbered links feature.

The following Firefox extensions provide alternatives to numberedlinks. Please post a bug report or features request to the mailing list before switching, so that numberedlinks can be improved.

The numberedlinks project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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